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  • What is Tufting?
    Tufting is a type of textile manufacturing in which a thread is inserted on a primary base. Rug tufting technique of hand-making rugs by threading loops of yarn in a design onto supportive fabric, usually with the aid of a special “tufting gun.”
  • How long is a workshop?
    The time varies, depending on the size rug you are making. Upon booking your reservation, the length of the workshop will be listed. Please allocate the appropriate amount of time to complete your rug and enjoy the entire rug making experience.
  • What does the workshop include?
    Set up your tufting station with your requested design and all materials Provide instructions and conduct a walkthrough on tufting basics with safety tips Supervise throughout the entire tufting session Glue, trim, and apply a backing to your rug Email you when ready for pick up (up to 72 hrs)
  • What is the address to the workshop?
    Our business is mobile. We will come to your location/event to setup for the rug making class.
  • How many people is allowed to work on one rug?
    Each tufting station is limited to one person.
  • Cancellations, Reschedules and Refund
    All reservations are non-refundable so please be sure you will be able to attend the workshop on the date/time chosen.
  • Do I need to bring anything with me to the workshop?
    Yes! A positive attitude/vibe, creative mind and patience (lol). Other than that, we provide all necessary materials.
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